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Subsummary fields in FM7

Schnoebelen, Stephanie A
Dear Experts:

I had a FM6 Win solution that worked based on calculated GetSummaries,
to include a way for summary parts to display running summaries on all
the other break fields, including ones from a related file. I.e., if I
have a Meetings file and a Clients file in the same database, matched on
ClientID, with Dept and Colleges in the Clients file, a report layout in
the Meetings file could show:

[...meeting records...]
3 Meetings with Person1

[...meeting records...]
1 Meetings with Person2

4 Meetings with 2 People in DeptA

[...meeting records...]
1 Meetings with Person 3

[...meeting records...]
1 Meetings with 1 Person in DeptB: 1

5 Meetings with 3 People from 2 Depts in CollegeAlpha


Totals: 24 Meetings with 12 People from 10 Depts in 6 Colleges

Because calculated GetSummaries do not work from related files or tables
in FM7, this very desirable behavior broke. With some off-line help from
Kevin Frank (thanks!), I was able to get a start on a solution, but my
final is an ugly kludge based on
        1) a boolean calculation ANDing the Meetings::getPrimaryClientID
with the Clients::getPrimaryDept or the Clients::getPrimaryCollege to
get a Meetings:getPrimaryDept or the Meetings::getPrimaryCollege,
respectively, and
        2) copying the Clients::Dept and ::College fields into the
Meetings database to supply a local break field on which to sort.

It works, which is my only defense against total self-condemnation. Is
there a more elegant way to perform this? I have sample files I can send
off-line - they use two separate files, but it works in a two-table
single-file solution, too. Surely, other folks have needed to have
reports do something this straightforward!

Stephanie Schnoebelen, Instructional Software Development
[hidden email]

Academic Technologies-Instructional Services
Information Technology Services
The University of Iowa

112 Lindquist Center
Iowa City, Iowa 52242-1589
Ph: 319-335-5472 Fax: 319-335-5505

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