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Request for tab graphics

David Kachel-3
Hello to all:

We need your help.

We are currently preparing to add some "convenience" features to the
next release (don't get excited, it's not soon) of our tab and
navigation product, AutoNavigator 1.0v2 for FileMaker Pro.

We ask if you would all be so kind as to .zip a copy of your favorite
tab graphic(s) (not copyrighted by anyone of course), and email it
(them) to us. If the graphic happens to be of your own design, and you
would like a credit in the next release, we will be delighted to
include it.

If there are other matching graphics, such as divider lines, platform
boxes, etc., we would appreciate getting those also.

We will give a 50% discount on AutoNavigator 1.0v2 to anyone who sends
us a tab graphic they designed, that we end up using. And if we get
enough of these, we will give a free copy of AutoNavigator to the
person who designed the best one. (We're not asking you to design
graphics for us. Just send us what you already have.)

David Kachel
Codemasters Workshop

Publishers of "AutoNavigator" for FileMaker Pro™;
An incredible time-saving tool for Developers - Build tab-sets up to
five levels deep, up to ten layouts per set, without writing a single
line of code. To learn more, visit our web site (below).

email: [hidden email]
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ICQ: 308137637
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