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Troy Meyers-2

I'm away with minimal Internet access, so I can't compare what they are offering for download with the beta that they sent to me privately months ago, but what I downloaded for FM 15 did not work, perhaps the same issue you are having. I reported it and they eventually sent me a beta of a newer version whice did solve the problem, though it still has others. Then I didn't hear from them for weeks or months, but did finally get an apologetic "we are working on it" but again I haven't heard from them since my last post on this thread.

I presume they still have the not-fixed version up for download. I definitely can get the beta to you when I return, but if you are desperate I might be able to wrangle it out of the office system with remote access. Contact me using tcmeyers at me dot com if needed, that arrives at my cell phone.


> I finally downloaded the version for Filemaker 15 and find that I cannot
> send via SMTP if SSL is turned on.

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