QuickTime linked to WAN server?

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QuickTime linked to WAN server?

Christopher Manton
Corn and others have been very illuminating in the <Can't I link a QuickTime
file in both Mac and Windows?> thread. I have learned much about how to
specify paths for QuickTime movies that can play in situ within FMP.

But how to do this within FMP in a WAN deployment?

Obviously, the remote Guest needs to be connected not only to the FileMaker
File, which happens easily enough through the open remote log in. No

But in order to 'click and play' the guest must also have separate access to
the directory where the original media resides, effectively making a
separate WAN connection.

What's more, the container field will need the right syntax to recognise it
once it is mounted.

So questions:

What would the correct syntax for such a (WAN) remote volume be?

If there is such a syntax that will work as a path for a container field
that will reference a remotely stored movie, would FileMaker itself
instigate the system making the necessary connection to that shared

And what about passwords to the shared directory?

Otherwise, is there a way within FileMaker, perhaps with a plug in, that one
could trigger making the connection and mounting the directory, for example
as a preparatory set up routine when the file is opened by a Guest?

Or am I asking too much and need to face being stuck with providing a simple
open URL that fires a browser window?

Any suggestions greatly appreciated...

Chris Manton

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