[ANN] xmCHART 4.0.6 Maintenance Release

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[ANN] xmCHART 4.0.6 Maintenance Release

X2max Software-2

December 8, 2016 - X2max Software is pleased to announce the maintenance release of xmCHART 4.0.6

Newly added features and bug fixes:
- New function LegendTitle() added.
- AxisOptions(): Easy mirroring of axes added.
- Clipping of bar charts improved.
- Crash when closing xmCHART on macOS 10.9 fixed.
- Fixed issues with stacked bar charts containing NULL values.
- Fixed issues when adding connecting lines to bar charts.
- Fixed an issue with engineering output format.
- Fixed an issue with PieChartAuxLines() function.
- Fixed further minor bugs and glitches.

- FileMaker Pro 12 or higher. FileMaker Pro 14 or higher recommended.
- FileMaker Server 12 Advanced or higher. FileMaker Server 14 or higher recommended.
- macOS 10.7 (Lion) or higher, Windows 7 or higher.
- Windows Server 2008 R2 with Platform Update, Windows Server 2012 or higher.


Upgrade to xmCHART 4.0:
This is a free update for registered xmCHART version 4 customers.
All other customers can upgrade to the latest version 4.0 at a discounted price.

e-fax:    001 (801) 286 6028
e-mail:   [hidden email]
web site: www.x2max.com

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