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[ANN] Stairway to Seven: Hands-On FileMaker Training [XPOST]

Jerry Robin-2
Step up to the Power of 7 with our most popular hands-on FileMaker Pro
training class!

    a 4-day hands-on workshop for experienced FileMaker developers
    who want to become proficient in FileMaker 7

Phoenix, Arizona;  Tuesday-Friday, June 14-17, 2005

Instructors: Jerry Robin and Susan Prosser (see instructor bios below)

Introducing "Stairway to Seven: Enhanced Edition"
Since May of 2004, we have offered Stairway to Seven as a 3-day class. Due
to requests from our students, we have expanded the class from 3 days to 4
days, to allow time for more hands-on exercises and more in-depth discussion
of relational design, scripting, and migration issues.

"If you're moving to FileMaker 7 and DON'T take the Stairway to Seven class,
you're making a big mistake."
- John Atkins, Cog Works; Rural Hall, NC

To register, and for curriculum details, please visit:
   or call 480-759-4844  or toll-free 866-FMP-TRNG (866-367-8764)

                    * CURRICULUM OVERVIEW *

We'll cover a wide range of topics, including:

- The new relational model
- New portal features
- New scripting features and techniques
- Working with script parameters
- New calculation functions
- Creating Custom Functions with FileMaker Developer 7
- Working with multiple windows
- The new security model: accounts, passwords and privilege sets
- Extended Privileges
- Migrating databases to FileMaker 7

This class is NOT for beginners. It is for developers already experienced in
building databases with FileMaker 5.x or 6. FMPtraining's "Scriptology 101"
and "Relational Database Design Essentials" courses - or equivalent
experience - are required.

Want to find out if this class is right for you?
Call us at 480-759-4844 or toll-free 866-FMP-TRNG (866-367-8764)

For detailed curriculum, please visit:

NOTE: The original 3-day version of this class will be offered September
1-3, immediately after the FileMaker Developer Conference. The same topics
will be covered, but in the 4-day version we have significantly more time
for detailed discussion of many topics, and more hands-on exercises. (For
example, in the 3-day class, we spend about 6 hours on the new Relational
Model. In the Enhanced Edition, we give it about 10 hours.)

                    * ABOUT THE INSTRUCTORS *

JERRY ROBIN, owner of FMPtraining, has been teaching developer-level
FileMaker classes since 1995. He is an Authorized Trainer for the FileMaker
Professional Training Foundation Series and a FileMaker 7 Certified
Developer. Between 1996 and 2004, Jerry presented at seven FileMaker
Developer Conferences, and his presentations have consistently been among
the most highly rated sessions of the conference. One attendee described his
2004 DevCon presentations as "the best, most useful sessions of the whole

SUSAN PROSSER is an independent FileMaker 7 Certified Developer who has
worked with FMPtraining since 1999. She is an instructor and curriculum
developer, and has been a trainer for over 15 years. Susan is co-author --
along with Geoff Coffey -- of the Stairway to Seven course manual and of the
forthcoming "FileMaker Pro 7: The Missing Manual" from O'Reilly Media. At
the 2005 FileMaker Developer Conference, Susan will be presenting a session
on Instant Web Publishing in Education.

                    * REGISTRATION & FEES *

Stairway To Seven: Enhanced Edition
Phoenix, Arizona, June 14-17, 2005 (4 days)
Course fee is $1995 per person.

Stairway To Seven: DevCon Edition
Phoenix, Arizona, Sept. 1-3, 2005 (3 days)
Course fee is $1495 per person.

To register, for schedule updates, or for information about other
FileMaker Pro training classes, please visit:
or call 480-759-4844  or toll-free 866-FMP-TRNG (866-367-8764)

Space is limited. Enroll now!
- a division of Transmography, LLC -
Jerry Robin, Owner & Chief Trainer
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