[ANN] CNS Image 2.1 Released - Important bug fixes + CNS Core Updates

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[ANN] CNS Image 2.1 Released - Important bug fixes + CNS Core Updates

Jake Traynham

Fort Worth, TX, March 22, 2017 -- CNS Image has been updated to version
2.1 which includes important bug fixes, more thread-safety, and tons of
CNS Core updates. CNS Image is available immediately at
http://cnsimage.cnsplug-ins.com/ for both Mac OS(R) X and Windows(R).


CNS Image is a FileMaker plug-in for working with images stored in
container fields or stored on the hard drive. On the most basic level,
you can use CNS Image to Import images from the hard drive into
FileMaker container fields and Export images from container fields to
the hard drive using hard-coded paths or dialogs. However, Importing and
Exporting images is only the beginning of CNS Image. The plug-in can do
so much more with your images. You can Rotate images; you can create
small thumbnails in your database of a much larger images on the hard
drive. You can split PDFs into multiple images and browse through them
all from FileMaker. You can download images from the internet into a
container field; and apply filters like brightness to your images. All
of these things and more are possible.

CNS Image is not just for FileMaker Pro either. Everything that works
under FileMaker Pro will also work under FileMaker Server, with the
obvious exception of bringing up a dialog for selecting a file to Import
or Export. This means you can use Scheduled Scripts to batch process
images at night, or create Instant/Custom Web Publishing/WebDirect
solutions that can convert, stretch, crop, and more.

What's New

* Fixed an issue shutting down the plug-in under FileMaker 15.
* Fixed a crashing issue when using the Export function to save out a
converted version of an image.
* Imported many updates from other CNS Plug-ins.
* Removed old External() functions.
* Added some very important thread-safety features to make sure the
plug-in runs without issues, especially under FileMaker Server.
* Updated the File_SelectFileWithDialog function with some new
* Added new file functions: Folder_Create, Folder_Delete, Folder_Exists,
Folder_List, File_Move, File_Read, File_Rename, File_Size,
File_Timestamp, and File_Write.
* Made the plug-in easier to use for Developer's License holders.

Pricing and Availability

CNS Image is available immediately at http://cnsimage.cnsplug-ins.com/ 
for both Mac OS(R) X and Windows(R). You can download a full-working
Demo copy of the plug-in to test it out before purchasing.

If you purchased CNS Image anytime from March 22nd, 2016 until now, you
can install this latest version free of charge without requiring a new
license key. If you purchased CNS Image anytime between March 22nd, 2015
and March 21st, 2016, you can renew your license for 50% off the current
price. If you purchased CNS Image anytime before March 22nd, 2015, you
can renew your license for 25% off the current price. You can check your
eligibility for license renewals by logging into your account on our
online store. Please contact us for your personalized upgrade coupon if
you would like to renew.

CNS Image prices range from a 1-User License for $65 to a World License
for $1095 (which includes a free Server License). A Server License of
CNS Image for use with FileMaker Pro Server/Server Advanced is $595. A
Developer's License of CNS Image is $1295. For more pricing information
and information about Educational/Non-Profit institutions please see our
online store at http://www.cnsplug-ins.com/store/

All prices subject to change without notice.

Review copies for article write-ups available upon request. Please
contact us at [hidden email] if you are interested in reviewing
the plug-in.


Comm-Unity Networking Systems, LLC
PO Box 137559
Fort Worth, Texas 76136

Phone:  817-238-1688
Email:  [hidden email]
Web:    http://www.cnsplug-ins.com/

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