[ANN] CNS Barcode 2.5 Released -- Script Steps & FileMaker 16 Support

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[ANN] CNS Barcode 2.5 Released -- Script Steps & FileMaker 16 Support

Jake Traynham

Fort Worth, TX, May 19, 2017 -- CNS Barcode is the second CNS Plug-in to
gain Script Steps under FileMaker(R) 16, but it certainly won't be the
last. This version also includes updates from other CNS Plug-ins. CNS
Barcode version 2.5 is available immediately at
http://cnsbarcode.cnsplug-ins.com/ for both Mac OS(R) X and Windows(R).


CNS Barcode for FileMaker Pro is a plug-in that brings the power of
barcodes to your FileMaker Solution. Like its sibling product, CNS
Barcode for iOS, this plug-in can both scan and generate barcodes. CNS
Barcode can scan JPEG or PNG images containing barcodes or it can use an
attached webcam to scan any barcodes held up to the camera. Barcode
formats you can scan include Codabar, Code 3 of 9 (Code 39), Code 3 of 9
Ext. (Code 39+), Code 93, Code 128, DataBar-14, DataBar-14 Stacked, EAN
2, EAN 5, EAN 8, EAN 13, EAN 14, EAN 128, Interleaved 2 of 5, ISBN, QR
Code, UPC A, and UPC E. Barcode formats you can generate include all the
formats you can scan plus Data Matrix, HIBC Data Matrix, USPS OneCode,
PDF417, and PostNET.

Whether you already have products with barcodes or if you want to start
using barcodes to track your assets, CNS Barcode is easy to set up and
use. If you need to create barcodes, the CNSBC_Generate function will
take any data you have in your database and create a PNG, EPS, or SVG
image of the barcode format of your choosing. You can then print out and
affix the barcodes to the objects you need to track. When you need to
scan one of your barcodes, the CNSBC_ScanWindow function will bring up a
video preview of your webcam for you to see what you are scanning. When
the plug-in recognizes the barcode, it will use one of three actions
that you define. It can close the scanning window and return the barcode
data to the script that opened the window; it can call a script in your
database and pass it the barcode data; or it can set a field in your
database with the barcode data. Unlike the first action, the script
calling and field setting actions leave the scanning window open for you
to scan more barcodes.

Download CNS Barcode today and see how easy it is to add barcodes to
your FileMaker Solution!

What's New

* Added script steps when running CNS Barcode under FileMaker 16.
* Added support for instant online help for functions and script steps
under FileMaker 16 (click the small question mark in a circle button
located next to the function or script step description).
* Fixed a crashing issue with Generate under FileMaker 16.
* Imported updates from other CNS Plug-ins.

Pricing and Availability

CNS Barcode is available immediately at
http://cnsbarcode.cnsplug-ins.com/ for both Mac OS(R) X and Windows(R).
You can download a full-working Demo copy of the plug-in to test it out
before purchasing.

If you purchased CNS Barcode any time from May 19th, 2016 until now, you
can install this latest version free of charge; you do not need a new
license key. If you purchased CNS Barcode any time between May 19th,
2015 and May 18th, 2016, you can renew your license for 50% off the
current price. If you purchased CNS Barcode any time before May 19th,
2015, you can renew your license for 25% off the current price. You can
check your eligibility for license renewals by logging into your account
on our online store. Please contact us for your personalized upgrade
coupon if you would like to renew.

CNS Barcode prices range from a 1-User License for $85 to a World
License for $1425 (which includes a free Server License). A Server
License of CNS Barcode for use with FileMaker Pro Server/Server Advanced
is $775. A Developer's License of CNS Barcode is $1625. For more pricing
information and information about Educational/Non-Profit institutions
please see our online store at https://www.cnsplug-ins.com/store/

All prices subject to change without notice.

Review copies for article write-ups available upon request. Please
contact us at [hidden email] if you are interested in reviewing
the plug-in.


Comm-Unity Networking Systems, LLC.
PO Box 137559
Fort Worth, Texas 76136

Phone:  817-238-1688
Email:  [hidden email]
Web:    http://www.cnsplug-ins.com/

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